supporting voluntary and  community action

          (c) Keighley & District Volunteer Centre 2015         Registered Charity No: 1090144

Projects & Services


KDVC has been committed to delivering in-house projects and services for many years.  

All of our projects focus on supporting members of our community through the involvement of volunteers.

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Our Mission & Aims

Mission Statement

 To act as a Local Infrastructure Organisation for the local voluntary, community and not-for-profit sectors.

 To actively promote volunteering for all and to enable individuals to use their skills to the best advantage of themselves and the local community.

 To operate effective direct services to meet local needs through volunteering.

 To encourage good practice in the recruitment and support of volunteers.


 To facilitate and promote opportunities for voluntary work and activity in the Keighley District.

 To provide a range of voluntary services which improve the quality of life of older people, disabled people and disadvantaged groups living in the area.

 To provide voluntary services which enhance those provided by the statutory sector.

About us

Keighley & District volunteer centre became a registered independent charity in 2001 and since then we have been working  hard to make a real difference in our local community.  As an accredited volunteer development agency with NCVO, we provide support to both individuals and volunteer involving organisations, helping to strengthen voluntary action and enhance service provision across the district.

and achieved quality accreditation as a volunteer development agency

VC Core Functions

Accreditation with the NCVO

As an accredited memberof NCVO, Keighley & District Volunteer Centre provides support at a local level for individual volunteers and volunteer involving organisations by implementing  five core functions:

1. Strategic Development of Volunteering

Outcome: Through the activity of the Volunteer Centre and its engagement with local networks and decision makers there is a positive environment in which volunteering is flourishing.

2. Good Practice Development

Outcome: Through the activity of the Volunteer Centre; organisations from all sectors (involving or providing volunteers) improve or attain positive consistency in their volunteering programmes.

3. Developing Volunteering Opportunities

Outcome: The Volunteer Centre’s development activity increases and improves the quantity, quality, and diversity of volunteering locally.

4. Voice of Volunteering

Outcome: Through the Volunteer Centre’s activities there is an increased awareness of the issues impacting on volunteering.

5. Brokerage

Outcome: Through the Volunteer Centre’s activities the general public and all sectors are better informed about and have access to an effective and efficient brokerage service.

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